Treaty No. 6 Staff Contacts:

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For general inquiries please contact Christa Ermineskin at

Bobbi Herrera
Chief Executive Officer

Jeannie Paul
Education Policy Analyst / Liaison

Kim Cardinal
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Minde
NIHB Liason

Ron Lameman
Bilateral Treaty Coordinator

Christa Ermineskin
Executive Assistant

Crystal Lameman
Environment and Climate Policy Analyst/Liaison

Jerry Saddleback
CFS Specialist

Lana McDonald
Reception / Data Clerk

Clara Wildcat
Consultation Policy Analyst / Liaison

Brenda Bull
Health Policy Analyst

Lisa Mills
Communications / Special Events Officer

Tynisha Rain
Consultation Liaison Assistant

Priscilla Hidalgo
Climate & Environment Assistant

Kiana Cardinal
Youth Engagement Officer

Toby Paul
Youth Engagement Officer